Friday, 22 June 2018

Freebie & fully finish Fridays

As I was looking for my WIPs yesterday I also came across a lot of cover kits from magazines and also pieces I have stitched but not fully finished.  So Fridays are going to be the day I try and stitch up those freebies, this is the latest cover kit from the Cross Stitcher magazine, with more in a bag upstairs.

And here are just a few of my stitching finishes that I will either fully finish myself or finally take to get professionally framed - there are more I found yesterday but they are now alluding me.  How they can disappear in just one day I have no idea.

A busy day today.  I took Harlee-Jay and Lincoln to the park this morning.  We were supposed to be going there with Colette and Sebastian too and have a picnic but Colette had to wait in for someone to come and repair something.  So we had the picnic in her garden when we got back from the park instead and when I left at one to return Harlee-Jay home the repair man still hadn't been - typical.

Next I needed to take MIL shopping and also pick up refreshments for tomorrow's model railway exhibition.  I'm hoping to get some fairy cakes made this evening to go with the lemon cake and barm brack cakes I made yesterday.  My friend Moya who will be helping me on the refreshments is baking some cheese and plain scones.

Fingers crossed I can work on my Friday rotation even if it's only a couple of stitches.

I almost forgot to show you what I worked on yesterday for throwback Thursday.

I decided to work on the Popcorn calendar and completed the month of May.


Julie said...

Is that a Christmas stocking I spy in your pile?
Pretty bee design.
I do love a picnic on a blanket in the garden, Isabelle and I often have one if the weathers lovely.

Brigitte said...

That's a very lovely bee design and I have seen in your other post that you have already stitched it.
It's such a pity with all these unfinished projects, isn't it. I also have far too many but can't make myself finish them up. I always prefer stitching to finishing, sigh.

Karen K said...

Gosh Popcorn calendar has been around a while hasn't it... I dread to think how long - time goes on doesn't it.

All looking great Linda, I am excited to see them all progress.

k xxx