Thursday, 21 June 2018

Throwback Thursdays

Thursdays I am going to dedicate some time to at least one of my oldest WIP's and while I was looking for one in particular I didn't realise just how many unloved projects there were.  Shame on me.

Popcorn calendar gifted to me by my dear friend Karen, how many years ago?

Fisherman's Lodge which I bought from Readicut, I had already done a seaside cottage which I donated as a raffle prize and fruit cottage similar designs which became a birthday present to my friend Jacqueline.

African Angel, one of a series of designs I have in my stash.


Alice in Wonderland by Soda stitch.  I started stitching this one with a fellow blogger when it was an Alice anniversary year.

Country Spring Lady a freebie years ago from Yiotas cross stitch

Fisherman which was supposed to be for DS1 when he was much younger, he still likes fishing so who knows he may still appreciate it WHEN I get it done

Four Horses of Apocolypse by Kustom Krafts.  This is the one I was actually looking for and has to be my oldest WIP as I started this when David did his work experience week down at RNAS Culdrose when he was 14/15 he's now 32!

I'm not sure which one (s) will get worked on today and for how long as I have baking to do for the refreshments stall at DH's model railway exhibition on Saturday.  I along with my friend Moya are in charge of refreshments.

Also after three grey and sometimes drizzly days I need to get out into the garden, back permitting.

And if you stayed with me this far yesterday evening I worked on my crochet corner to corner blanket.  The yarn is King Cole Curiosity in Purple Haze shade.  I'm just coming to the end of my first wool cake and this this will take about four for the size of blanket I would like.  This is a nice and easy one to do of an evening while chatting with friends.


Julie said...

Loving the blanket.
You had rain .... send it up here we are desperate in the community garden lol.
Lots of pretty projects to keep you busy.
Enjoy the model railway exhib, hope you raise lots for the group with your delicious baking.

Brigitte said...

Loved to see all these older WIPs. Somehow I have a weak spot for older WIPs, also my own ones, lol. I should just pull them out and stitch on them.