Friday, 29 June 2018

Freebie and Finish Friday

Firstly a huge apology to Julie, thank you for your recent comments but somehow I appear to have deleted them rather than published them.  I really appreciate each and every comment and would not have done it deliberately.  I think I accidently hit the box when I was going through and deleting the anonymous comments.  So sorry.

Another beautiful day, part of which was spent with Harlee-Jay,  Colette, Lincoln and Sebastian playing in the garden and making the most of the sunshine.  This evening  I did manage to work on the bee freebie I started last week and I am pleased to say I have finished the stitching.

I now just have to fully finish this as a needlecase.  Sadly it won't be today.

 The sun is starting to set, so for the rest of the evening we will sit and relax in the garden.  The temperature is just right and we can watch the sun set - there have been so many amazing sunsets over the past week or so.


Julie said...

LOL...never mind x

nice sunset and pretty bee finish.

Karen K said...

Bee very pleased with your finish Linda - see what I did there !

Beeautiful sunset..... and again... is there no end to my comedy talent

k x