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Friday, 9 February 2018

Day 9 February challenge

Todays card I  have sent to our lovely daughter.  Colette has recently signed up to be a Younique presenter to give herself a chance of earning a little income while hoping to get out and about and enjoy a little break from being mummy all day.  As with many mums confidence levels sometimes drop after having children so I am hoping this venture will help build it up again.  I sent her a card to encourage her and also tell her how much I love her.

If anyone is interested in buying any of the make up or skin products then just use the link above.  While a little pricey I can honestly say the foundation, eyeshadow and lipsticks are very good quality.  I am trying out the skin care range to see how I get on with it and so far so good.

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Julie said...

Good luck to Collette in her new venture.