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Saturday, 4 June 2016

June's objectives

It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes
And pleasant scents the noses."
-  Nathaniel Parker Willis, The Month of June

May was a very good month for stitching and I managed to complete all but one of my objectives.  Landscape was the only objective that I  failed to complete my stitch quota on.  Having said that I did complete about half of the stitch quota to this piece, so not a complete failure there..

 For June I would like to do the following:-
1.  Cross Stitcher SAL Part 3
2.  Joyful World SAL June 
3.  Landscape - 300 stitches per week.
4.  Cottage Garden Samplings July
5.  One Christmas gift stitch
6.  Gift stitch # 4
7.  Alice in Wonderland by Soda Stitch
8.  Cover kit from Cross Stitcher

Apart from landscape most of these are small stitches so hopefully I can be just as successful this month as last.

I would also like to spend some time in the garden which has been neglected, partly due to the bad weather we had in April and last month due to garden idleness.

I need to spend some time in my craft room too as my card box is becoming a little depleted.

The front room still needs to be revamped we failed miserably the past two months to get anything done - maybe this month we will be a little more proactive.

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Julie said...

Good luck with your plans for June