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Monday, 30 May 2016

Just my name required now

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it. ~Horace Mann

Another beautiful day yesterday of which part of it I spent being pampered thanks to the generosity of my friends.  I enjoyed having my nails done and a relaxing facial - bliss.  I was also able to enjoy watching some tennis, really pleased that Andy Murray got through to the quarter finals of the French open.  

I also spent the evening working on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler and am pleased to report that the final motif is now completed, back stitch and Algerian stitches added to one of the motifs and the date added.  I did run out of time and so was unable to add my name.  I will work out its positioning today and get it finished so that I can have another project completed in May. 

The question I  have to ask myself now is which project will take its place each Sunday.   I'll think about it over the next couple of days while working out my June objectives.


Julie said...

Fabulous finish, I have loved watching this grow each week.
Well done Linda

Justine said...

Beautiful! Like Julie I've really enjoyed following your progress each week. Are you going to have it framed?
Can't wait to see what you choose to stitch next!

Karen K said...

It's stunning, truly beautiful and you must be thrilled to bits. Like Julie I have enjoyed seeing it grow every week and couldn't be happier seeing it finished.

love k x

Lesley said...