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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #346

That is so true of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday's hosted by the lovely Julie on her Stamping Ground blog
My desk is a little untidy this week as I have several things on the go at the moment.  Bethany Bunny is keeping an eye on my planner this week - she particularly likes the new gel and ball pens (on the left) which I picked up at Tesco's for just £3.   Lots of lovely bright colours to use on my planner pages and no doubt other projects too.  I'm trying hard to just use items from my stash to decorate my planner pages.
This week I am decorating it with some lovely butterfly washi tape which came from The Range, butterfly stickers which I picked up from Lidls  and alphabet stickers which are from my days as a Creative Memories demo.  I've also used some of the planner stamps which I did naughtily pick up from The Homemakery at the end of last year.
Here's a close up of all those lovely colours in my pen pack - 20 pens for £3 I thought was a very inexpensive indulgence with my food shopping last week.
On one of my blog visits last week I found a very interesting post on how to improve your handwriting by Kara of Boho Berry and from that I  gave into temptation and ordered the set of Spencerian Penmanship books (in the package).  I really want to improve my handwriting in my journals, on my scrapbook pages and my occasional letter writing.  I know it involves practising to make perfect but I am hoping these will help guide me in the right direction.  While I was browsing for these I decided to buy myself The Chocolate Lovers Club book by Carol Matthews which will be a nice lighthearted read in the future.

I also came across Cindy Guentert -Baldo who has some fun writing tutorials called Llamas Love Lettering which I think will also be useful to work my way through.  If you go to her blog you can download practice sheets to help improve your writing too.  My first practice session will be this evening.

This week I received another lovely parcel through the post but I will share the contents with you tomorrow as I think that deserves it's own post.

Happy crafting and now I'm off to have a look round at other crafters desks.


Lesley said...

Your desk is very colourful and those pens were a great buy,lovely selection of colours.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oooh, you got some bargains there! Those pens are fab :-). I love the thought of the handwriting practise too...people often say that my writing is lovely. But it's only because I spent hours in school practising over and over (but not with chalk and slate, I'm not THAT old, lol!!)
Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

Diana Taylor said...

You've got lots of lovely goodies for your planner - I'm trying to use the stash I have this year rather than buy more - although it's difficult!! Have fun with your writing project, as you say it's all about practice -I would love to learn calligraphy but just don't have the time at the moment -perhaps one day! Hope you have a good week, and thanks so much for stopping by earlier,
Diana #20

Bridget Larsen said...

I have a soft spot for pens as well, I dont know how many I own but its alot. ooh penmanship, cant wait to see whats in that book and what you produce.
Bridget #1

My name is Cindy said...

Hi there Linda!! Oh yes we do like those little bargains we can sneak in with the weekly shops - some nice coloursthere. Godd for you wanting to improve your handwriting - I fear its a lost cause for me! Happy WOYWW Cindy #29

CraftygasheadZo said...

Loving the planner activity. Can't beat coloured pens for jotting down the planner entries. I do the same and have lots of stickers too. Take care Zo xx 39

Jill Kiln Fired Art said...

I love your planner, it looks great, and a good size, I have looked for a suitable planner but not found one yet. I started a 'to do' list each week but I never get it all done. Enjoy those pens
Jill #21

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Linda, so many people being organised with planners! I'm afraid I'm too random for that- I'm like the fridge magnet says- sometimes several days attack me at once, lol. Pens are a great buy from Tesco, and The Works can always be relied on for some great finds.Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #16 xx

Lisca Meijer said...

Hi Linda,
What a great post. Lovely photo of you and dear doggie.
I love the font you have used too. Yes, I think we all want to improve our handwriting. The younger you are the worse your handwriting will be.
Your planner looks wonderful with all those butterflies. The gel pens were a good find. We no longer live in the UK but we have a Lidl here in Spain and they often have crafty things.
Thanks for visiting already,
Have a good week,

Neet said...

Lots of lovely things on your desk - I particularly like the display of butterflies, so colourful.
Afraid there will be no chance to have the holiday in San Diego later in the year. I live in the UK and it is too expensive to do another trip over here. Still, there is another year.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Sharon said...

I love how colourful everything on your desk is! A bargain on the pens. I love pens. I love any sort of writing implements. When I was a kid we used to have a huge stationary shop in Ipswich. I loved going there. I could spend hours just looking around.

Thanks for the links! I'm going to check them out.

Sharon K #52

Angela Radford said...

Great desk Linda, looks like you are going to be very busy soon. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 15

Sue said...

Hi Linda, I have bought various pens from Tesco and Morrisons and they have been very good.

I love the look of your planners.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #23

Darnell J Knauss said...

Great visit, Linda! I think my Hammy would like your Bethany! And good job using up your stash!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

lisa said...

What a lovely colourful desk you have, those pens look fab and what a bargain. I've just read The Chocolate Lovers Club, it's a brilliant read, you'll enjoy it, although I enjoyed The Cake Shop In The Garden more, if you see that about it's a great read (Also Carol Matthews).
Hugs Lisax #14

Clair said...

I'm still busily working on my new planner set-up too (and have resolved not to buy anything for it, because I already have *so much* scrapbooking stuff.) It is hard to resist though, right?

Clair @ Obstinate Pursuit

peggy aplSEEDS said...

It's so hard not to buy new stuff when there are so many great designs and tools available, isn't it? Those pens and the butterflies look yummy. I would also love to do Spencerian calligraphy but I think it takes a LOT of practice! Happy WOYWW!

Julie said...

Lots of lovely things keeping you busy.... Bethany is definitely a good name for her and I don't think any of the 90+ that have gone out are called that!

butterfliecrafter said...

Good luck with practicing and improving your hand writing, something i want to do one day too, shall note down the name of the book as future reference (one remark, I find the lettertype on your blog a bit hard to read)

Karen K said...

What a busy and productive desk you have Linda.

k x

Kyla said...

Crafting purchases whilst doing the food that idea, would make the weekly shop more fun!