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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Cornwall Cottage Sampler and a giveaway

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it
Jesse Jackson.

 The weather went back to being wet and miserable on Sunday so it enabled me to devote a fair amount of time to the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.  I managed to complete the large motif on the left hand side and a smaller motif to the side of that along with some of the internal border.
Here's a close up of the section that I was working on.  There is another large motif on this page which I hope to get at least half completed next Sunday.

I am offering the above chart as a giveaway - if you would like to add it to your stitching collection then please just let me know in a comment or drop me an e-mail 


Justine said...

Great progress! Please don't enter me into your giveaway. I've just been making a stash page for my blog and it's shameful how much stuff I've got!

Julie said...

The weeks do whizz by, only seems like yesterday I was commenting on last weeks progress on Cornish.... its wonderful. We had a snow day Sunday so a sledging morning on the park with the little ones and then an afternoon thawing out in front of the fire with lots of stitching here too.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Lovely sampler, it's coming on beautifully. Please don't enter me either, it would be a waste given my lack of enthusiasm for Cross stitching LOL.

k xx

Christine said...

That Cornwall Cottage sampler looks more gorgeous every time I see it

Sheryl S. said...

The Cornwall Cottage Sampler is gorgeous, just the pretty colours I like together. I would be delighted to win your giveaway as I don´t have a pattern stash.

Carol said...

Really lovely progress, Linda--love the colors in this one!!

Lesley said...

Looking more and more beautiful!

Emma/Itzy said...

Lovely progress! Such a generous giveaway - but please don't include me this time xx

Brigitte said...

Great progress on your sampler.