Thursday, 17 May 2018

Round up of the week

Apologies for being absent for a week but I have actually spent some much needed time in the garden.  The garden has been neglected for quite a long time now and since the weekend I have been trying to spend an hour or so each day outside.  Still lots to do but I can now at last see signs of improvement.  

Our lilac bush is looking very pretty.  The watering can which hasn't been used since last summer and left out to suffer the elements provide amusement for us when DH went to water some of our tubs.  Sadly it had rusted at the bottom so water came out the bottom and over his toes before he realised the damage.

We cleared out a patch in the front garden and planted some Lupins which I hope won't get eaten by slugs.  It's a flower I remember us having in our garden from my childhood,  I think of it as a cottage garden flower.  We also used to have Sweet Williams, Roses, Dahlias, Wallflowers and many more so maybe I could make this patch become a flower tribute to my childhood.

I have also managed to work on It's Only Forever.

The Extinction SAL has also received some attention.

I've read the next book in The Sue Grafton alphabet series, S is for Silence.

I walked up to the sorting office today to collect a parcel.

Inside this box is a crochet project, a book and some little extras.  I thought it would be fun to try this kit out as I love reading and I have dabbled in crochet before.  It will be perfect for taking on holiday with me.

I have also decided to have another go at knitting socks and have found a pattern and a series of You Tube videos which might just help me succeed this time.  I certainly hope so as I invested in May's wool club from Game Crafting, a little birthday treat to myself this month.

Wish me luck!


Marlene Jones said...

I too love the flowers my mum grew in her garden and have just planted lupins. I have just Y for yesterday left to read by Sue Grafton, but I am not reading much. Hope your knitting and crochet go well.

Karen K said...

what a busy week you have had, but lots of fun things xx

Julie said...

I like the idea of the flower tribute garden, go for it.
I find that the Winwick Mum is a great blog for sock knitting, Christine is so helpful and her book is a must have for new sock knitters, I have recommended it to so many people who have learnt to knit them.
Happy sock knitting!