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Thursday, 10 May 2018

A page finish

Page 7 of 30 has finally been completed.

A total of 20,498 stitches with page 7 complete have been put into It's Only Forever but I have made a start on another page so this total has gone up slightly.

The owls face is now complete.

I have also been working on the Extinction SAL this week and the rhino is complete.  Although part one has not been finished I am making a start on page 2 as I want to put the tree trunk in rather than risk miscounting and putting the tree branches in the wrong place.  I thought it would be more sensible to start from the tree trunk.


Julie said...

The owl has such a beautiful expression.

Christine said...

Great progress Linda

Karen K said...

It's really coming on Linda, how much longer to you have to get it finished?

Loving the rhino

K x