Monday, 28 May 2018

A little holiday crafting

I took my Hook and Book kit with me and managed to complete my first ever Mandala crochet.  It's by no means a perfect example but I learnt a great deal along the way and had a lot of fun learning a new language.

I also read the book which came with the kit called The Circle by Dave Eggers.  It's not a book I would ordinarily have picked out to read but I did enjoy it.  The storyline is very thought provoking in this age of internet technology and how we as individuals interact with many social websites.  

In the book the main character is led to believe that transparency and participation in everything is key to making the world become a better place but thrown into the storyline is the question of whether this is leading to a totalitarian society.

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Julie said...

The perfect mandala, well done on learning something new.