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Friday, 30 March 2018

Moving on

Well yesterday was my last shift at work and boy was it a crazy, busy, frustrating, sad, relief filled day.  My lovely work colleagues bought me some wonderful presents which included a lovely bouquet of flowers, a very tasty looking Easter egg and a Hobbycraft gift voucher for £40.  I am so going to miss working with them but I am so relieved I will no longer have such stressful and tiring days and will no longer be on my feet all day.

With the Easter weekend to look forward to it's going to be strange not having to think about going into work again after a bank holiday.  I guess I'll just have to build up a new routine of activity now.

Today we have delivered the first batch of Easter eggs out to our eldest sons children.  Tomorrow it is Lincoln's 2nd birthday so more celebrations to look forward to and we can combine the Easter delivery with that visit.  Sunday we will deliver Harlee-Jays egg.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter x


Marlene jones said...

Have a good Easter, try and give yourself time before you make plans to fill your time. With summer coming you have so many more options for your time.

Brigitte said...

You are right, at the beginning it's a strange feeling to retire from work. But you will quickly get used to it and find wonderful activities to fill your free time with.

Terri said...

Congratulations on your retirement!