Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Easter leaving treat boxes

Thursday is my last day at work and as it's my last day I have made some treat boxes as a farewell gift for my work colleagues.   As it also Maundy Thursday I have filled it with Easter treats for them to enjoy.

While I am not going to miss the busy and what has become chaotic working conditions I am really going to miss the people who over the years have been great fun to work with.  Some of them have become good friends and so I hope I will remain in contact with them.  My wish for them is that management will begin to take more responsibility for the running of the pharmacy and make their working conditions better and be more supportive of them.  I also hope the customers show a little more tolerance as they really have no idea how difficult it is to work somewhere as busy as this pharmacy with a system that is not very user friendly.


Marlene jones said...

A big step, one I took last year, and I am totally enjoying having so much time, I see so much more of my grandson. Enjoy your last day, soon will not miss the stress of the workplace.

Mrs A. said...

What a nice idea and I as present for your friends at work. Your time will soon melt and a few months down the line you will wonder how you ever had found the time to even go to work. The Doc has just reminded me that I will have been retired 10yrs next year (Though I did go early due to redundancy) and I am busier now than when I worked. The garden is my passion and I'm out there most of the time from Spring to early Autumn ( but not today as it is teaming down with rain. ). Enjoy your retirement. hugs Mrs A.

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely idea. Your colleagues must have been thrilled.