Thursday, 1 February 2018

DAY 1 February Challenge

Today I sent out my first card for International Correspondence Writing Month (Incowrimo).  Now some of the cards I am sending out will be to people who read my blog, others will be to friends who don't read my blog and some will be addresses I have acquired through You Tube.  When I can I will post a photo of each card that has gone out but for my first one I don't want to spoil it for the recipient.

I can however share a photo of some kits I have recently received in the post.  I signed up last June to a Gecko Rouge Gold Membership.  Basically I pay a set amount each month and at the end of six months I get a voucher for the money I have paid in plus a bonus amount.  It also entitles me to a 25% discount on any kits I buy, which is how mum and dad were able to buy me Felicity and Fifi for my Christmas present. It was also how I purchased It's Only Forever.  Anyway my first voucher arrived at the beginning of January and here after many hours of deliberation is a picture of the kits I chose.

I opted for one by Anita Invarity called Down The Rabbit Hole one of several designs based on Alice In Wonderland - I'd love to get the whole series!  I really like her artwork, Fifi and Felicity were also from her artwork.  Next I chose the Mad Hatter by Omri Koresh, again another design from Alice in Wonderland - I'm kind of drawn to all things Alice at the moment.  But my final choice was something completely different called Passion by Fran Funcan.   Two of the designs are on 25 count and the other one is 18 count.  It will be some time before I can begin working on any of them but it's lovely having them in my stash to look at lol.


Marlene jones said...

Looking forward to seeing your cards

Karen K said...

Oh how exciting day one ! ! !

Lovely kits Linda

k xx

Julie said...

Nice new charts, Alice seems to be very popular with a lot of stitchers at the moment.
Like Marlene, i'm looking forward to seeing your cards this month too.