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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bobbing along

Bobbing along was the song that entered my head this afternoon as I finally got to sit down and work on my stitching.  Of course in the Bedknobs and Broomsticks version of the song they are bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea, thankfully the boats in my stitching will be on top of the waves.

It's been a while since I've done any stitching with being away on holiday and spending time with the grandchildren now they are on school holidays.  It was also very nice to have a different colour to stitch with as the right hand side has been predominately blue.

A confession now - I've bought another kit this time from a company called Gecko Rouge.  In my opinion they are a UK version of Heaven and Earth designs, very large and generally detailed designs.  I was browsing their website prior to going on holiday and kept being drawn to one particular design which reminded me of hours spent watching the film The Labyrinth with our children.  It was our daughter's favourite and I can always remember when we were expecting Bryan that she said if our new baby cried all the time she would call upon the goblin king to take it away.   Luckily for Bryan he was a good baby so there was no need for Colette to call upon his services.  While on holiday I subscribed to their newsletter and when we got back they had sent a newsletter out with details of a money off coupon which finally made my willpower crumble and so yesterday morning this arrived via the postman.

It's a large project and comes with a detailed pattern in a booklet format, all the threads presorted and a huge piece of 14 count aida (although there are other counts and fabrics to choose from).  I also purchased a coordinating needle minder.  It came neatly packed in a striped paper bag along with a thank you sticker with a gecko charm attached to it.  Now I did make it a condition of buying it to go through the many already unopened kits I already have in my stash and put those that I am no longer likely to stitch ever up for sale.  That's a job for Monday morning as I clean up the conservatory which was recently used as a dumping ground while we decorated the living room.  Wish me luck as I know I need to be realistic with past purchases and let them go.


Christine said...

Lovely new kit, I'd not heard of that company before

Karen K said...

I love the little boats, they are super cute.

Julie said...

Loving the new blog header.
Good luck with the new chart (and selling the older unwanted ones)