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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Buttons galore

Last week I took a load of my buttons down to Vintage Brew where Mitch kindly helped me sort them out into colours in the bottles they had kindly collected for me.  On tidying up the craft overflow on Monday I came across some more which will also need to be sorted at some stage.  I love how they look and it should be far easier to find the right one for future projects of which the above photo would be a great project.

I have still to find a more permanent home for the buttons in my craft room, I'm thinking I might just need another set of shelves for them.


Julie said...

Something like a mini wine rack would be good to push the bottles into, wonder if one exists?

Brigitte said...

A clever idea to sort the buttons by colour and keep them in these bottles.

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

That bauble is just fabulous Linda my friend! LOVE it! You could sell those easily! What a great use for buttons - postage is getting so expensive to put them on cards now! Have a wonderful weekend! Hazel xx

katica said...

Love it! They look great! I have a bunch of buttons I need to sort as well!

Mrs A. said...

Scrap the shelve idea. Just get more radiators!! Oh joy I can comment without the need for google + Yay. hugs Mrs A.