Saturday, 7 January 2017

A stitch a day progress

So far this week I have managed to stitch every day.  I added some back stitch on Tuesday and some orange French knots on Wednesday. 

Thursday I attempted Daisy stitch and yesterday I added some more French knots but this time in red.

I'm finding it very relaxing at the moment and decided I wasn't going to try and learn a different stitch every day but just see what I felt like doing each day and where I needed to fill in - less stress.

Yesterday I spent some time with our daughter, Harlee-Jay and Lincoln.  I treated myself to some denim jeggings and a new top and I bought Colette and myself some Yankee candles that had been reduced as well as some of the new fragrances. I also managed to pick up some plant bargains yesterday, these had been reduced from 10-15 pounds to just 2 pound each.

I was attracted to the plants pots as much as the flowers even if the festive season has now passed.


Desiree Ehleiter said...

I like how you have amended the stitch a day challenge. Less stress is definitely the way to go with a challenge. 'Challenge' does not need to equal 'stress'.

Julie said...

Your freehand embroidery looks great, well done.
The plant pots are beautiful and a bargain price too.