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Monday, 10 October 2016

Falmouths challenges

Today we visited Falmouth, its been over thirty years since we last visited.  We first went to Falmouth a year after we had got married - we were holidaying in Hayle at the time.  All I can remember is catching the train there, walking through the shopping area and then walking up towards Pendennis castle.  As we had our dog Gemma then we never actually got to see round the castle but I can remember sunbathing on the grass somewhere near the castle.  We didn't  visit the castle today and my bikini sunbathing days are well and truly over!

One of the days challenges today was to try and find somewhere that sold DMC threads as the number quoted in the Cross Stitcher magazine was given as 3685 which I brought down with me but it soon became apparent that this was not the correct colour.  On doing a Google search I think it should have been 3865.  I found a shop but they only sold Anchor threads so another search gave me an equivalent thread which meant I was able to continue with the SAL. 

The next challenge set by DH was to walk up this set of steps.

I'm  about two thirds of the way up when this photo was taken.  I carried on up  completed the 111 steps of Jacobs Ladder.

Jacob's Ladder just off the Moor has no real biblical association. Its 111 steps were installed by Jacob Hamblen, builder, tallow chandler and property owner, to facilitate access between his business - at the bottom - and some of his property - at the top.

After the exertions of this it was time to find somewhere for lunch.  We walked around and found the Chainlocker & Shipwrights and enjoyed a very hearty lunch.

On our walk around we found this great view through an alleyway - very picturesque.

We didn't walk to the castle today and neither of us could relate today's visit with our previous visit - signs of old age creeping up on us lol!

On our way back to our holiday home we called in Fat Apples cafe.  It's in a lovely setting and we indulged in afternoon coffee and cake - not a cloud in sight and such a peaceful setting.

When we got back home I was able to add some more stitches to the Cross Stitcher SAL now I have the thread and my final challenge for this is to try and bring this up to date before the next instalment comes out which is this Friday.   I am quietly optomistic that this can be achieved.

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Julie said...

Golly gosh ... that was a climb!