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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Discovering new places while visiting the old ones

We went to Porthleven today,  we've been there a couple of times but have only ever walked down to just past the harbour and onto the first beach that you come to.  Today we decided to walk further along the coast path and ended up at Loe Bar Helston.

A shingle beach separates the sea from the freshwater lake and the views are really pretty.  It was so peaceful there.  I like the legend that goes with how this place was created.

it was formed when a pair of ancient giants fell out and one dropped his bag of sand across the mouth of the River Cober while running away from another giant who was throwing rocks at him. As one of the rocks that fell behind him was St. Michaels Mount it is no wonder he dropped the sack

It is also 

 reputed to be the lake in which Sir Bedivere cast King Arthur's sword, Excalibur

Tragically it is also where HMS Anson became shipwrecked with the loss of over 100 lives back in 1807.  On a more positive note Henry Trengrouse who witnessed the event went on to devote his life to inventing life saving equipment.  He invented the rocket powered rescue system for ships in distress.

We walked further along the coast path which has amazing views back to Porthleven.

 and some amazing vegetation growing. 

The day has been a bit cooler and the wind has picked up but it was so refreshing to be out enjoying new places and discovering new information.

Tomorrow I will be going to a workshop at Scrapbook Magic which means DH and Max will be off exploring on their own.

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Julie said...

I've learnt something today from your post and enjoyed being taken along on your walk.