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Monday, 26 September 2016

Love Note Day

On the NittyGritty Love blog a few years ago they ran a weekly challenge to send or leave love notes for the love of your life.  A bit of fun but also a great way to remind them that you still love them and don't take their love for granted.

Not much has been happening here as still not feeling brilliant.  I've been messing about putting another Christmas card together using pretty much the same layout of my previous card but with different images.  I'm also eager to use the new stash in the top of the photo.


Karen K said...

Sorry you are a bit under the weather - get well soon xx

Julie said...

A few days away and I'm playing catch up here again... lovely holly card, that's my kind of traditional. Enjoy the book, they are addictive and fun.
Nice new store for the dyes.
Get well {hug}, I had a germ full granddaughter yesterday after school, most of her class have the cough/cold bug that's doing the rounds.