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Monday, 4 July 2016

More progress made

After giving the conservatory a good clean inside yesterday I then rewarded myself with a few hours stitching.  DH was out at one of his club's so I had the place to myself.  Steady progress was made on Landscape and a further 365 stitches have been added to it.  My target has been met for this week.

I am hopeful that next Sunday  I will be able to finish this panel.  If I'd worked really hard I probably could have got it finished but I also wanted to make a card.

A bonus day of tennis to watch while I was stitching too.  I should really have been making the most of the sunshine and worked in the garden but watching tennis was far more appealing.


Julie said...

It's really coming along nicely.

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, I would have preferred watching tennis and stitching rather than working in the garden, too, lol. Great progress on your project.