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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

MAMBI 365 Happy Planner v Plum Paper Planner

Last year some of you might remember I  purchased my first planner from Plum Paper and was eager to embrace the planner society.  I was really pleased with the quality of the planner but at the end of June I decided to try out another brand of planner - the Mambi 365 planner.  I am a month into using this new planner and feel this one is much better for me.  What are the differences?

1.  Design - Happy Planner comes in a variety of designs.  Plum Paper also have a variety of designs to choose from which can also be personalised with your name, initials, etc.

2.  Page layout - Happy Planner pages are vertical days which are sub divided into morning, afternoon,evening segments.  Plum Paper you can choose from four different page layouts to suit.

3.  Pages - Happy Planner pages all have some decoration or quote on the bottom of the pages and the monthly dividers are also decorated or have quotes.  Plum Paper have minimal divider decoration.

4.  Binding - Happy Planner they are spiral rings decorated with a heart and the pages can be removed as you work on them.  Plum Paper is spriral bound but the 
pages can not be removed sometimes making decorating them a little more difficult.

5.  Add ons - Happy Planner has a variety of co-ordinating stickers, washi tape, covers, extension pages, etc.  Plum Paper has blank stickers and additional extension pages.

Which planner do I prefer?  I am loving the Happy Planner and think this is far more me. I'm using a combination of papers and embellishments from my stash and some stickers from shops dedicated to planner stickers on Etsy.  My Happy Planner is very aptly named as it is making me very happy decorating it and planning my weeks out every Sunday. 


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Looking good Linda! You decorate those pages beautifully! Have a great day! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Karen K said...

Love the planner Linda and really loved reading it too !

K xx