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Sunday, 17 July 2016

I spoke too soon.

I was merrily working on Julys Joyful World SAL thinking I could get halfway before the Davis Cup tennis started yesterday afternoon when I realised I'd made a mistake.  Thankfully it wasn't too much to unpick and I hope to catch up again after the weekend.

I'd placed the large pink flower just one hole down than it should have been Wednesday evening but didn't notice it until today when I was checking that the wording lined up with the border.  Here is the offending flower.

After unpicking half of the wording and the green leaves this is where I finished it yesterday.

I'm  hoping that I can get it finished this week as I have the week off work.


catherine said...

Amazing how just one square can throw everything of point!annoying though to have to unpick but you are back on track now and progress can be made-looks good. Have a lovely weekend

Kaisievic said...

At least you picked up the error fairly early on but always annoying to have the Frog Prince visit.

Brigitte said...

Sorry that you had to frog the wording and the flower.
Enjoy your week off.