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Monday, 13 June 2016

The diet starts again tomorrow!

The hour of idleness is the hour of temptation. ~Proverb

A lovely relaxing day yesterday.  I enjoyed having my hands and feet pampered and the nails are a lovely green/blue colour.  I did try taking a photo of them but couldn't get a true colour of them but they are very pretty.

I met up with DH afterwards and we went to The Americano for lunch and shared some Nachos Intensimo.  We new it was a sharing platter but we were still amazed at the portion size which could easily be shared by four people.  We did our best to eat them all but it even beat us in the end.

Not realising just how much we were going to get with the nachos I'd already purchased a couple of their delicious muffins.  We ended up asking for a bag to take them home and we enjoyed them later for our tea instead.

With such a busy day (!) and heavy lunch I ended up falling asleep for a while once we had got back home.  No stitching was been done so I will have to work on landscape during the week so I don't fall behind with my stitching target.

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Julie said...

Delicious food... yummy!