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Friday, 27 May 2016

Westward Ho!

The object of literature is to make man a wiser and happier being. The poet makes us happy because he tells us how we may become so. ~Charles Lanman, "Thoughts on Literature," 1840

With the sun shining again yesterday we walked to to Westward Ho!  The name comes from the Charles  Kinsley novel Westward Ho! which was set in Bideford.

Along the promenade they have laid granite sets which when read is the poem If by Rudyard Kipling who went to the United Services College at Westward Ho!

We were able to sit outside at The Pier House and enjoy lunch.

From here you can enjoy magnificent views while dining on a selection of light lunches or main meals.  You can also see the remains of the pier legs which once held up Westward Ho! Pier which by all accounts was doomed to fail.

Just along from here is a building known as The Haunted House.  It sold for £414,000 this week to a local businessman and will still need thousands of pounds worth of restoration work, but wow what a view!

On our way back to the sea front we enjoyed ice creams before heading back to our holiday home.

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Marlene jones said...

Your post are bringing back memories from our Cornish holiday a few years ago xxx