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Thursday, 12 May 2016

May's blossoming

Our local walk by the creek is great as it's literally down the road for us and it's  wonderful seeing it change throughout the month's.   The apple blossom on one of the trees by the scout hut which is just near the ruins of the old manor gardens is really starting to come out now.  So very pretty.

We also saw a Cormorant resting on an upturned boat.  Initially when I went to take the photo he had his wings spread out, but just as I took it he put them down.

May's Joyful World SAL is also starting to blossom.  I have just a little of the darker green left to do which will be delayed a little as I have misplaced the thread bobbin for this - goodness knows where it is hiding as I've looked everywhere that it 'should or could' be to no avail.  If I can't find it I will buy another one on saturday and then it is sure to come out of its hiding place.  There is also the outside border to stitch which I hope to get done this evening when I get home from work.

Yesterday evening at our weekly crafty get together I managed to work on the gift stitch which I would say is now about a third complete.  I would have got more done but I  kept forgetting I was only supposed to be working with one strand and not two which meant a bit of unpicking at times.


Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Your SAL is looking fabulous and puts my effort to shame, I haven't picked it up at all this week, lets just say work has got in the way....

K xx

Julie said...

Lovely Snowflower SAL stitching.
The blossom does look so nice, we have quite a few trees locally especially along the fence of the local school.