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Monday, 11 April 2016

Under the weather

I had hoped to have done quite a bit more on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler this week but unfortunately I have come down with a cold so didn't have quite the same enthusiasm as normal.  I have however managed to complete one of the large motifs but not without making a mistake.  I'd gone to far to be bothered to unpick it so will make adjustments accordingly.

Fingers crossed my cold won't hang around too long and next week I can complete another page on this one.


Lesley said...

The individual motifs in this design are very pretty,together they are really beautiful.
Hoping your cold does not hang arond for long.

Justine said...

Poor you Linda - a cold and frogs! Hope you feel better soon. That cartoon made me chuckle.

Karen K said...

Oh Get well soon - you certainly seem to pick up the germs in your job at the pharmacy !

I can't see the error my friend, it looks lovely.

K xxx

Brigitte said...

I hope the cold will go away soon so that you can continue stitching as usual.
Nice progress on this sampler anyway.