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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fingers crossed.....

Image result for fingers crossed

....that I have counted correctly and put the starting point of the Cross Stitcher SAL in the correct place.  I managed to add a few stitches to this one before going into work on Monday.  The external border was completed for the whole design.

I've also managed to make a start on the border of one of the smaller designs that will fill this space.  It shouldn't take too long to complete this one but before I add anymore stitches to it I HAVE to finish the gift stitch and add another 100 stitches to Landscape.


Justine said...

That looks interesting! I no longer subscribe to this magazine so will enjoy each part being revealed on your blog.

Karen K said...

I am forever counting with the snowflower diaries - looking good Linda. Hope the cold has gone or going.

k x

Marlene jones said...

I would not stitch all the outside edge, I always miss count, I have everything crossed for you.