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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tried and tested

denoting something that has proven in the past to be effective or reliable.
"a tried-and-tested recipe"

Yesterday I decided to make a couple of lemon cakes when I got home from work - they're a favourite both at home and at work.  While they were baking i decided to re-arrange some of the kitchen cupboards - very therapeutic. 

I also made a start on a small gift stitch - the kit came with the magazine and I knew just the person who I thought would appreciate it.

Today it is out eldest sons birthday and we are going out there for BBQ to celebrate - fingers crossed the Sun will be shining. 


Justine said...

That looks like a cute bookmark! Hope you have a great day celebrating.

Julie said...

Happy birthday wishes to your son.
Yummy cakes....

Lesley said...

Hope the sun is still shining for your son's birthday.It is getting more like dusk here,but we are quite a bit further north.