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Friday, 22 April 2016

Landscape update

I'm not sure how many stitches are left to do on the top half of the page but I  am hoping it's more than the target of 100 and it will be nice to know the top half is complete.  Here is how it looked after lasts week's progress.

Ignore the piece of felt at the top that was a tip from a fellow stitcher to stop the fabric from slipping and it works a treat so thank you.  If all goes to plan then this top half of the arch piece will be completed by next week and i will be steadily be working to finish the bottom half. I'll  also post an overall look of the piece in programs as I will need to one it in the frame to complete it so while its out of the frame is a good photo opportunity.


Brigitte said...

It's coming along great, Linda.

Karen K said...

You seem really motivated with all your projects Linda, can't wait to see the progress every week.

K x

Lesley said...

Looking good.Have agreat weekend.

Garima said...