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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Imagination and dreams

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Our youngest son and girlfriend have moved into their first home together today so I have been on extended Nanny duties which has been wonderful.  I called in and saw Colette and family today with Harlee so it was the first time Harlee got to see his new cousin Lincoln.  He also got to spend some time with Logan and Savannah who are still on their Easter holidays.  When I first arrived Harlee had fallen asleep in the car so he continued his nap on Colette's sofa - we took the opportunity of placing Lincoln by the side of him as he enjoyed his sweet dreams.

What can two children do with some boxes and a little imagination?  Logan and Savannah had been playing together before I had arrived and they had come up with the idea of building a train and carriages for them to put all Logan's super hero figures in and didn't they do a great job.

I think I will sleep well tonight as will DH who helped out with the moving in of all DS2's furniture.


Lesley said...

Lovely picture of two gorgeous little fellows.
We helped younger son and his fiance with their move to a new appartment last month,We certainly got a work out! They live in London so we had a three hour journey first. We had great fun though and it is always lovely to see them both.

Julie said...

Wishing the couple every happiness in their new home
I bet you were worn out to Nanna lol