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Friday, 8 April 2016


I made a start on the Cross Stitcher SAL before going into work yesterday and managed to add a few more stitches in the evening but didn't quite make it all the way round before tiredness took over.  It took a lot of counting and recounting to make sure I had put the correct amount of stitches in.  I am hoping to finish it today before I collect Harlee-Jay.  Fingers crossed the border will match up.

This evening I must finish the gift stitch only a small amount left to do on this one.  I am also hoping to get the first stitches into the Joyful World for April.


Annie said...

Looks like a nice start:))

Karen K said...

That's a good effort for a new start..... I know that one, counting and recounting LOL. I would LOVE to be working on April, sadly still doing February!

k x

Julie said...

An elderly stitcher a our group suggested to me when doing large one colour borders to do half stitches and put a full cross at every tenth stitch, it's easy to recount and then put the top stitch in all the way round when you know the borders matched up.

Lesley said...

Great is a relief wheh everything matches:)

Brigitte said...

I don't like stitching this kind of borderline. It always takes forever and as you say it's a lot of recounting.