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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

WOYWW #352

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Wow another week has just flown by and we have gone from February into March.  The time certainly does seem to go faster the older you get.

On my work desk this week is my desk planner which sadly didn't get much attention last month but I hope to get back into the swing of things again this month.  My 5 Year Journal planner is also there for me to try and get this project going again.  I've also printed out March's Lister's Gotta List prompts for this month as that was something else that got neglected last month but I would like to have another go at - I'm hoping I can use this one not only as a fun project but also a way of practising my writing skills - something I have not been working on as much as I had initially planned when I bought the penmanship books back in January.

I'm off now to see what other WOYWW participants have been up to.  To find out more visit Julia's blog The Stamping Ground.


Sandy Leigh said...

Oh don't you love the Reset Girl!! She just inspires me all the time. I have done the Listers, and it is fun. I think my problem is that I make a lot of lists anyway, and keep them all in a booklet in my Midori. So if I am doing a listers, and it takes up space in my Midori, that's fine, but then the month is over and I don't get to look at it anymore. Crazy, I know! I just need a separate Midori for the Listers I think, and I must try that. Have a happy Wednesday. Sandy Leigh #36

Mdm Samm said...

what a lovely blog and your quote so perfectly suits it..

Michelle G said...

I really tried to do the planner thing, but I admit I only lasted a couple of weeks.

Sharon said...

Well, I am so happy that I clicked on your link on WOYWW. I had never heard of the Lister's little lists and just had to look it up.
Planning. Hmm.... So difficult to make that a habit, isn't it. Good luck in pushing forward with some of your things this year.
Sharon #56

Neet said...

You are not kidding, time goes by too quickly. At the end of this month we will be a quarter way through the year and it doesn't seem two minutes since I was getting ready for Christmas.
Good luck with all of your plans and thanks for visiting me earlier.
Hugs, Neet 1 xx

Sharon said...

I love the Charles Dicken's March quote you have at the top of your post. That exactly describes what it looks like outside! We had a snowstorm yesterday and it's -2c but if you just looked up at the sky it is a brilliant, clear blue. You would think it was really hot outside. I might just have to borrow that quote lol.

It sounds like you're very organised with your planners!

Have a great week
Sharon K #42

Diane Futrell said...

I need to do better about my schedule as well. At least you can find your planner!
Diane WOYWW #31

judith@poppy cottage said...

I don't know where the time goes either, you are right, it is disappearing faster these days. Great to have a peek at your workspace, thanks for sharing, and good luck with getting everything done this month, Judith xx #32

Jill Kiln Fired Art said...

Yes time does seem to go faster when you get older, I'm pleased the days are getting lighter. Enjoy your week

Julie said...

Looks busy on your workdesk!

April Story said...

5 years! That is some true planning. :-) I think I am going to check out the Lister's list - that sounds like fun. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. Happy journaling/planning. April #41

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Love your Dickens quote his few words encapsulate so much, Linda, dont they?
Am sorry it will be WOYWW again tomorrow and not been over, thanks for sharing your crafty space!
Thanks so much for popping over.
Shaz in Oz.x

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