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Thursday, 3 March 2016

March kitting up

As well as wanting to finish the baby sampler this month I also have two other smaller projects I would like to get done.

First up is the March edition of Joyful World.  I've pulled out the threads and fabric I will be using and I'm really looking forward to getting this one finished.  I made a start on it Tuesday evening instead of doing the ironing - tut. tut. I'm hoping the frogs will stay away while I'm stitching this month.

The other small project is July's Delphinium from the Cottage Garden Samplings.  I love the lovely bright flowers on this one and the hope that this year we will have a great summer.  I will work on this one a little each time I have completed another motif on the baby sampler - I guess as a kind of reward to myself.

I am finding that by combining the smaller projects with the two larger projects I'm keeping myself motivated and so achieving far more I think than if I worked on only one project at a time.  I guess for me that variety is the spice of life!


Julie said...

I've not even looked at fabric/threads for the March SAL, am way behind on lots of things already this month .... feeling a bit like the white rabbit lol

Marlene jones said...

I prefer to stitch one large project at a time, I don't normally stitch smaller ones, because I finish them so quick and then they stay in my work box.

Karen K said...

I read the posts back to front, your later post first..... So now I know why you have so many on the go LOL