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Monday, 15 February 2016

Turning a corner

Today is National Gumdrop Day

I don't think I will be celebrating it by consuming any of them although anything sweet is always a temptation.  Instead I am going to have a mini celebration on turning a corner on the internal green border of the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.  I also managed to complete another small motif and start working on a larger motif.

My target for next Sunday is to complete that large motif and hopefully the last small motif on the far left.  This would leave me just one large motif and a couple of letters of the alphabet - it would be great if I could get this page completed by the end of February.  Fingers crossed.


Annie said...

What an exciting progress - well done! Reaching little goals like that one always feels great:))

Julie said...

Having a catch up read....
A great pic you captured of Logan, he's having fun.
The baby samplers grown lots, well done.
Not a fan of sticky gooey sweets, i'll stick with choccie lol
Cornish looks fabulous - as always.

Karen K said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed but it's making doing anything very slow LOL !

Hope you enjoyed your weekend with Logan and the family.

k x

Justine said...

Happy Gumdrop Day! And hurray for an almost page finish on your sampler. It's looking lovely.

Brigitte said...

Must be a great feeling to turn the corner and to start the bottom row.