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Monday, 8 February 2016

Another page complete

Today is Cornwall Cottage Sampler day and it was a great way to beat the doldrums as once again for most of the day it has been raining.  I did manage to get out with Max for a walk this morning but from midday it has done nothing but rain and with gale force winds forecast tonight and tomorrow stitching is a great hobby to have.

I managed to complete the internal green border on left hand side and was able to turn a page and have now started work on the motifs of page nine.  So eight pages completed with four more to go  There are a couple of large motifs on this page along with a couple of smaller ones.  I managed to complete one of the small motifs and make a start on one of the larger ones.  I think this page will take a few weeks to complete but it will be nice to see me turning the corner on this one and it's so nice to know that I am a page nearer to completion.

Thank you to everyone who comments on my blog, I try to reply to those I can but for those that are no reply I do appreciate your visits and your comments.


Brigitte said...

These internal green borders are certainly a bit boring to stitch but you can always alternate with the flower motifs. Nice progress!

Justine said...

Beautiful work! I actually managed to get washing on the line outside in Cheshire, but i can't believe it this morning! We really do have the perfect hobby - great whatever the weather!

Annie said...

Well done on your progress; how exciting that the end is getting nearer!

Karen K said...

Looking beautiful Linda and well done on turning that page.

The storm was horrendous for us last night too but sun shine at the moment.... lull before the next no doubt.

K x

Christine said...

The weather is a bit wild isn't it? Great progress on the sampler

Julie said...

Love this one!