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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stitching objectives for 2016

Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets.  ~Author Unknown

After our holiday in October of last year my stitching projects went on a bit of an hiatus, partly due to bad lighting, partly down to other projects taking precedence and partly down to having to work and feeling too tired to work on anything.

With the new year I want to try and get back into stitching regularly again and also try to focus on what I consider to be the most important at this present time.

First up is the baby sampler that I had hoped to get completed for Harlee-Jay's first Christmas - it didn't happen but I am now aiming to get it finished in time for his 1st birthday instead.  His birthday is in May so it gives me four months to work on it and also get it framed.  This is I think achievable and shouldn't create any unnecessary pressure meaning I will enjoy stitching it more.
Next up is the Sunday SAL which sadly got neglected a lot more than I would have liked last year - sometimes due to having to work on a Sunday.  Thankfully I will no longer be working on a Sunday anymore as I decided to come off the Sunday rota.  No target being set for this other than try to work on it every Sunday until it is complete.
Back in I believe January 2014 I made a start on the Cottage Garden Samplings series which I bought from The Patchwork Rabbit.  I managed to complete five of the twelve and had June's chart already to go when other projects took over.  I am going to purchase the other patterns and aim to get them all stitched by the end of the year.  When I worked on them before they stitched up really quickly - generally I was able to complete them in a weekend.  This time however I will complete them at a more leisurely pace to enable me to also work on the two projects above.
Finally, another of my long outstanding projects is the Landscape kit I was Lucky enough to receive from Yiota's cross stitch kits.  I had completed just over half of this one so hopefully if I dedicate some time to this project throughout the year I may just get it finished alongside all of the above.
These four projects will be my main focus this year but that doesn't mean I won't be tempted by others throughout the months LOL.


Preeti said...

Beautiful projects!! Happy new year!!
I don't see any follower gadget on your new blog.

Brigitte said...

All four projects are so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them come out over the year.

angelwhispers said...

Happy New Year Linda.

Lovely project as always and I like the idea of no time limits so much less pressure will look forward to see your progress. Love Chanelle xx

Karen K said...

Loving the new blog Linda, will you still be doing your old one? Can't find a follow button for this one. Happy New Year K x

Jay said...

Such a refreshing New Blog, you have lots of lovely projects to complete, enjoy completing them. Happy New Year Jay x

Justine said...

Such lovely projects! I'm also working towards completing projects this year.

Julie said...

Lots of lovely things to watch grow this year.