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Sunday, 3 January 2016

It's all in the planning

Once upon a time when our children were young I was very organised.  I've only ever had short periods of time when I haven't been working so I needed to be organised to make sure the children were all sorted and ready before I headed off out the door.  Thankfully I have a wonderful mother-in-law who made it possible for me to go back to work without having to worry about childcare. 

As they grew up we made sure they were involved in different activities and we even got involved with the scouting movement when they joined that and became Cub Scout leaders so even more planning was required along with working.

However, once the children became more independent and then started to fly the nest I have found myself wanting to do lots of different projects but instead of getting them done have spent more time procrastinating, rather than being proactive.  One of my goals for 2016 is to become more organised again and at the tale end of last year I joined the planner world and bought my first planner which would combine organising my life as well as enjoying the crafting process too.

So today I set about decorating January's pages in my Plum Paper planner. 
 I have a week off work next week so January at the moment looks quite chilled and relaxed so I am hoping to plan even further ahead..  I still have more decorating to do and no doubt there will be more dates filled in as the month progresses but it felt good to 'play'.
Some of the other planner/list/craft type projects I would like to take part in this year are The Reset Girls - Listers Gotta List this will hopefully serve a dual purpose of having fun while making a list and providing me with prompts for potential scrapbooking layouts.  I've missed scrapbooking and would love to be organised each month when I visit Julia's Exeter Scrapaholics group - too many times I have ended up taking loads of stash with me but producing very little at the crop and feeling discontented.  I've loved chatting to the other ladies that go but I want to have more to show at the end of each trip.

Project Life is something else I am going to have a go at this year too.  I have bought a new album and have a variety of page layouts to fill throughout the year.  Again the Listers Gotta List might just help me to get this album off the ground and if I'm keeping my planner up together and I make sure I take my camera with me when I need to so that I have both new and old photos to work with each month.

I really want to try and get in to Art Journaling so I am hoping to take part in Effy's  Journal 52.  A prompt will be posted on each Friday so this is something else that can be added to the planner. 

My Cornwall Cottage Sampler which is a SAL that takes place each Sunday can go into the planner as a regular event along with anything else I end up trying to do throughout the year.

The usual intention of trying to eat more healthily and take more exercise is something else that will be placed in the planner, however apart from weigh in day (which Julia and myself will do after we finish work each Thursday) I am going to keep a separate journal for this one as I want that to be more of a diary to keep track of what I'm eating, what exercise I've done and my emotions as I aim to achieve my desired goal.

I want to get myself organised but also make it fun and I am hoping all of the above will help me achieve this.  Wish me luck!

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