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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Some days....

...can be so frustrating.  The day started off pleasantly with a walk along the creek with Ian and Max.  We called in on mum and dad on our way back to drop off their wedding anniversary card.  

After lunch I decided to add some stitches to the wedding gift as the urge to stitch had finally come back.  All was going well until a couple of hours later I couldn't get the stitching to match up and that's when it became frustrating.  It turns out I had made a mistake on my previous session a few weeks ago and I ended up having to take all of today's and some of the previous session out.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Here is where I'd got to when I showed you last.

And here is where I finally ended up today.

 Had I not made the mistake this top section would almost have been completed.  I am leaving it for today and hoping tomorrow will be better lol.


Marlene jones said...

I loathe it when you find a mistake! I wish my stitching mojo would come back.

Julie said...

Oh no .... what a shame, it does look very pretty though.

Karen K said...

One of the puzzles I was in the middle of doing, I had the pieces laid out on a board, all the right way up and was picking out what I wanted and knocked the board, bits went everywhere.... sigh... back to square one, but back I went and finished it !