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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Books for sale and catch up

I am still continuing to go through my stash and have decided to let go of some of the many books I have acquired over the years.  I have come across several hardback cross stitch books and other crafts and have created a For Sale page at the top of my blog.  They are all pretty much as new, if you are interested in any of them then please e-mail me.  More to be added soon.

Day 19 February challenge - this is for a friend of mine who moved away last year but is finding it difficult to settle in their new location.

Day 20 - this is for a lady whose blog I follow and I am just hoping the address I have is still current.

Day 21 - I am unable to show this card at the moment as I know this lady follows my blog.

After many years of not attending any craft shows I decided to go to Westpoint with  my friend Moya on Saturday.  I was kind of good in the fact that I didn't spend a fortune but not so good in the fact that I bought even more stamps.  I also picked up the essentials of adhesives.  Resisted the urge to buy wool and fabric so on the whole pretty pleased with myself.


Marlene jones said...

I have been good for ages, not added to my card stash. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the garden, it was lovely and warm outside here this afternoon. It feels good to be gardening again.

Julie said...

I'm sure your lovely card will brighten your friends day.... I hope she finds happiness in her new surroundings in time.

Christine said...

Lovely cards! I was at Westpoint on the Friday, I didn't buy too much either, but unlike you what I got was wool and fabric!