Saturday, 16 December 2017

Looking for snowflakes in Plymouth

No snow fell this week in Plymouth but there is another snowflake trail for us to take part in this year.  We had already decided to catch the bus out to Elvira's cafe and have a hearty breakfast before walking round Royal William Yard and then onto The Barbican in search of the snowflakes.

The sun was shining brightly most of the time as we walked around and found all but two of the snowflakes.  We found this one which was at Valenti's Gelato-Artisan.

There is a competition you can enter and there are quite a few prizes to be won.  This was not our intention though, we just wanted to get out and enjoy a nice walk with Max but with more of a purpose.  It also gives me something to scrapbook about at a later date.

This one was found in the National Marine Aquarium.  

We had to walk all the way round Sutton Harbour to get to this one as the gate which you can normally walk across from The Barbican was still closed.  It was worth the extra steps though.  As you can see it was starting to cloud over by this point and we managed to get on the bus to get back home before it started to rain too hard.

We knew we wouldn't get all the snowflakes in this visit as for one of them you need to catch the river boat over to Mount Batten.  We could have done but this wasn't on agenda for today.  The other snowflake we missed we have since found out its location and so will go back for that one when we go over to Mount Batten which needs to be on or before the 7th January.


Desiree Ehleiter said...

What a wonderfully fun challenge/contest! Get to see pretty things, and get out and get some exercise! Looking forward to seeing the other two snowflakes!

catherine said...

great pics Linda
Sorry to have been such a bad blogger this year but aim to improve next year.
Wishing you and your family a lovely christmas and all the best for next year
x catherine

Julie said...

Lovely to see your reflection in the window on he picture at the National Marine Aquarium.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas x