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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Carnival queen attendant

Not me but our gorgeous granddaughter Elisha.  MIL and myself caught the train out to Bere Alston to enjoy the carnival but most importantly to see Elisha all dressed up as one of the carnival queen attendants.

They also had various awards for floats and walkers and Connor got 
a 3rd place certificate for dressing up as a Transformer.

The procession was led by the village fire engine and behind them were the bagpipe players and then the carnival queen float followed by various other floats and tractors.  It's lovely to see village traditions being carried on and our family being part of that.  It's something many of the town's and city's sadly do not follow suit with - one of the wonderful aspects of village life.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

The girls looked lovely and Connor looked cool in his transformer costume! It looks like a fun day out for all the family! Have a lovely Sunday sweet friend! Love & Hugs. Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Christine said...

Great pictures. I do love carnival season

Julie said...

How wonderful. Congratulations to your very own princess, she does look lovely on the float.
Sadly, the May carnival has ended in Spalding where my mum lives, no one to organise it and even less money in donations to fund it :-(

Pat said...

Your granddaughter Elisha and the other two girls all look very pretty on their beautifully decorated float Linda and grandson Connor looks cool in his transformer outfit. We visited Bere Alston many years ago and it seemed like a lovely place to live. I always remember the telephone exchange building they had made into a house right on the edge of the village I think. x

Astrids dragon said...

They look great, what fun!
I still remember when were were in Hartland (forever ago) and got to see their festival. What a treat!

Desiree Ehleiter said...

That looks like it was so much fun and Elisha looked beautiful!