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Monday, 12 December 2016

The making of Milly

At the weekend I  was given a knitting kit by Nathan from Vintage Brew, it was an unwanted gift to his mother and he thought I might like to knit it.  Often when I've gone there for my coffee or lunch I have either read a book or just chatted to Nathan and Mitch, now I will take along Milly to knit so they can see her grow.

None of us really think it looks like a Meerkat but we will see how it looks when finished.  On Sunday when we popped in for lunch and I was able to complete the back of the body.  It won't get worked on again now until this Sunday when we are taking Mother in law there for a birthday lunch - they are going to make her a cake which will be a nice surprise for her.


Karen K said...

I'm with you - it doesn't look like a Meerkat ! But will be interested to see what it turns out like.

k x

Julie said...

How wonderful that the staff will be able to see the growth of their little one!