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Friday, 21 October 2016


My real why is why do I hold onto so much?  I've been a crafter (and a hoarder) for years and have collected so much stash it really does leave me feeling incredibly guilty at times.  Thankfully our daughter is a mother herself now and wants to start scrapbooking.  This means I can go through all my stash and give her a good start to her hobby which will hopefully save her a fortune but help relieve some of my guilt.

This evening I went through the boxes which used to be under our bed, we have a different bed since last weekend which doesn't allow me to hide anything anymore!  Its meant that I have sorted out lots of paper, cardstock, embellishments and some SU retired ink pads that Colette can make use of and our bedroom floor is now clear again.  I also parted with lots of small punches which I haven't used in years as I tend only to use SU punches now.  I even put some bits which I didn't think good enough for either of us in the bin - shock horror - I can do it sometimes Chris.

Hubby is away for the weekend so it gives me a good opportunity to do lots more sorting.


Marlene jones said...

My sister is the same as you with her craft stuff, we are working together to sort and get it manageable. She is not willing to part with much, so our task at the moment is to move things. I am trying to show her things not used for months/years she does not need to keep. Good luck with your stash.

Julie said...

How lovely you can share your hobby with your daughter and pass on some things you will no longer use yourself.

Darnell J Knauss said...

I like your new photo, Linda! And I'm so proud of you for getting a grip on the purge! Doesn't it just feel so good! And how fabulous that Colette is going to be scrapbooking so you can share your schtuff and share your love of this hobby! (No better time for this sort of thing than when the hubs is out of town!!) Hugs, Darnell

Karen K said...

Wishing Colette many happy crafting hours - your stash gift is bound to be gratefully received. K x

Chris said...

At last ! I have got thru to you