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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Feeling happy

I took my first set of cards into Vintage Brew today and sought the boys advice on pricing.  I was amazed at their suggested prices (I greatly underestimated their potential worth).  We agreed on prices and I also left them with a picture of one of the four dogs we sponsor so potential customers could see where the money would be going.  I left them with the cards at midday and got a message from Nathan at 2 in the afternoon to say they had managed to sell 9 of my cards and so my first day sales came to £20.40  -  to say I'm feeling pleased is an understatement.  I just hope more of them sell.

Another positive from my morning there is that they have suggested we have a craft sale there the first weekend in December.   I will certainly have to get busy making more items.

This is one of the Christmas cards I have made today.

I think my problem now is having so many ideas buzzing around in my head - I must learn to calm down and concentrate on one set of cards at a time.


Lesley said...

Great results already raising money for the dogs you sponser.DH and I sponsor a dog each with the Dogs Trust,sadly our dogs cannot be rehomed for one reason or another.
That is a very pretty card

Justine said...

Well done Linda! I'm sure the Dogs Trust will be thrilled, as I'm sure you are too!

Julie said...

Well done, that's a fabulous amount to have sold in such a small amount of time. You'll soon be giving up work to keep up with demand lol.

Karen K said...

Oh well done that's terrific x