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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bright and breezy

An easy morning saw us picking up a pasty for lunch and heading off to Coverack and sitting by the sea to eat it.

It was a bright but breezy day and the tide was coming in and crashing against the rocks.  Sea spray came floating over the sea wall but thankfully we were far enough away for it not to spoil our lunch.

The boats were safely nestled in the harbour.

We walked along some of the coast path as far as the fields with the sculptures in which we came across last year and then found a different route back into Coverack. 

Another pleasant day enjoying the coast and sunny weather.

In the evening we took a walk down to the Five Pilchards for our evening meal,  I think Max was keen to get there after being fed treats by the landlord on our first visit.

The food was delicious, I had roast fennel and cherry tomato lasagne and DH enjoyed a nice juicy steak.  We also enjoyed some delicious dessert too.  Sticky toffee pudding for me and Apple and plum crumble for DH.

It's been a great end to a wonderful week.


Julie said...

I do love a good dessert.... you earned yours after your coastal walking.

Karen K said...

I've really enjoyed your holiday blog - glad you had a great time xx