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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Huge apologies for those of you that regularly visit my blog.  There has been little creativity going on at the moment so I apologise for the lack of more interesting blog content.

Today's blog post is only to tell you what my latest reading material is and many may have guessed that it is another Agatha Raisin mystery.  Mum had five more books waiting for me when we got back from our holiday.

I am hoping that crafting will resume again soon so that I can have something more productive to share.  Thank you for sticking with me though x


Lesley said...

What a treat to return too..five more Agatha Raisin books..there is nothing better than finding a series that you enjoy reading.

Marlene jones said...

We all get lean times with our crafting, and when a good book calls....

Julie said...

5 more .... that doesn't surprise me, they are addictive lol.
Happy reading xx

Karen K said...

I like seeing your reading books Linda - I like Agatha Raisin too