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Monday, 31 October 2016

A fine mess

DH has a cold, unfortunately for me it means he sometimes snores.  Last night was one of those nights and unfortunatley due to leaving the craft room/spare bedroom in a mess over the past couple of weeks it meant I ended up sleeping (or not) in the reclining chair in the conservatory. 

Now just in case he snores again tonight it meant I finally had to get round to sorting out some of that mess.   Some items finally got put back where they belonged, some items got put in the other spare bedroom ready to take to Colette on Friday and some actually got thrown away.  I tipped out my card scrap box.

I think will Chris will be proud of me as I threw quite a lot of the scraps away   (although I'm sure it would have all been thrown out if she had been helping me) but it was not an easy task,  I hate throwing any of it out, but needs must.  it now looks like this.

The shaped brown pieces of cardstock on top are actually gift boxes waiting to be assembled.  My bedroom floor now looks like this....

.... which means I can now pull the bed sofa out if required tonight.  Now I  know in the background there is more to sort out but there is only so much decluttering I can cope with in one evening!


Julie said...

Get well wishes for your hubby. Sweet dreams for you tonight....

Anonymous said...

Excellent ! You are learning
Chris x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Like Chris, I am so proud of you, Linda! Of course, a lot of the kudos go to Ian for snoring which kicked you into gear, haha! (Poor lamb, I do hope he gets over his cold soon.) And you do feel a bit lighthearted getting rid of lots of those scraps, don't you? Oh, I hope so. I got new cupboards so I Just had to do the same on this end. Fortunately, we are very good about recycling so it no longer bothers me to throw out scraps like it used to when I knew it was going in the landfill. I hope you had a good night! Hugs, Darnell