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Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Potted Gardener

I don't exactly have my own personal library, but I am currently in possession of a nice selection of books from which to choose my next reading material.  Mum has kindly passed on several Agatha Raisin books which my brother had bought her for her birthday.  I'm now reading the third in the series called The Potted Gardener which is proving to be just as good as the previous two I have read.

I love the illustrations that are always on the front cover of the books by M C Beaton for this series of Agatha Raisin mysteries.  When this supply has run out I am fortunate to have a public library just a short distance away from our house to go and delve into.

I also have a garden but it doesn't get the time it deserves something which really does need to be improved upon!


Lesley said...

Another great quote:)

Julie said...

A friend bought me that quote on a tin plaque that hang in my conservatory, a lovely statement.

Karen K said...

Love Agatha Raisin books :)