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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Rai-sin along

Mum and I are racing through the Agatha Raisin books.  In the past week I have managed to read The Love From Hell, The Day the Floods Came and now I  am working my way though The Curious Curate.  I often wondered how Julie read them so quickly but now I understand.

Mum has already passed the next one in the series onto me to read and they really have been quite addictive.  They have distracted me from other crafts but it's been one of the few things I have felt like doing this week.


Lesley said...

It is just as well there wre plenty of Agatha Raisin books to read,you are definitly on a roll!!!:)

Julie said...

Number 26 comes out later this autumn... still quite a few to go yet Linda. and of course there is also the Hamish McBeth series too .......